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Case Study - Alan Sargent: Eton College.

During the 1990s, Alan Sargent was commissioned to undertake a range of projects under the auspices of the College Architects, Herbert Stribling and Partners.

The first of these was the landscaping works to the College Sanitorium, designed by David Stevens. This involved steps, paving and a formal classic fountain and associated planting.

This was followed by The Roman Garden, designed by Alan Sargent, which formed a large courtyard area, with natural materials including Victorian clay tiles and other reclaimed items, with formal low planting, including buxus sempervirens and Santolina incana.

The largest project was the construction of the gardens to The New Music Schools, designed by Alan Sargent. The design brief was to produce a major water feature, easy to maintain, not too deep, classical with a high visual impact.

To maintain water quality and purity, the water had to pass through an ultra-violet clarifier system at least once per hour. The water had to remain apparently still and mirror-like at all times, yet constantly change.

The result was a curved pool, three metres wide, sixty five metres in length, edged in sawn natural Yorkstone paving, 30cm deep with a black lined internal finish.

Due to the length and width of the pool, structural engineers were charged with supplying technical drawings and specification. The result was a dramatic water feature with a large circular pool as the terminal (awaiting a future fountain or other centre point).

The water management system was designed by Alan, with all works and filtration constructed in nearby landscaping, accessible yet invisible.

The remainder of the scheme involved turfing, footpaths, steps, paving and planting.

A secondary part of the same project involved designing and building an internal courtyard.

The final scheme constructed by Alan Sargent was the Millenium Bridge bollards project, comprising paving using small element natural materials, installing specially commissioned stainless steel bollards in a variety of different styles and designs.

Another feature in the same scheme was the installation of a ‘magic eye’ magnifying post through which the whole of Eton High Street may be viewed by pedestrians.