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Ian Greenfield

C&G Hort

Price Band A

Based in Norfolk

Early training at Easton (formerly Burlingham) College of Horticulture in Norfolk was followed by a 5yr apprenticeship with Alan Bloom in the Dell Garden at Bressingham.

Early in 1983 Ian took the job of Planteria Manager of an up-and-coming garden centre on the Suffolk coast before successfully applying for a position at Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent under the tutorage of Pam Schwerdt and Sybille Kreutzberger, the then Head Gardeners. Ian also found he had an eye for hedge-cutting, being responsible for many of the Yew and Box hedges which framed the famous garden ‘rooms’.

The Head Gardener’s job at Raveningham Gardens, former home of Lady Priscilla Bacon was the next career move. Wall trained Red Currant ‘cascades’, fan trained Gooseberries, Plums, Gages and Cherries were all introduced with sourced varieties known to be over 100yrs old. The rose garden was completely re-planned and replanted and other mixed shrub and herbaceous borders were nurtured to bring them back to their former glories.

Ian worked alongside Roy Lancaster in the replanting of around 300 specimen trees, shrubs and conifers, many rare and previously un-named species, over a 3yr programme. During his 10yrs at Raveningham Ian appeared in the Channel 4 television series, ‘Gardens Without Borders’. He was invited to sit on the external advisory board of Writtle Horticultural College in Essex.

November 1997 saw a temporary deviation away from gardening; Ian joined the prison service and worked in the psychology department of a local prison where he was involved in facilitating ‘Offending Behaviour Management’ programmes. During his time there he advanced to National Trainer which offered the opportunity of working around the country training and assessing others in similar fields.

However after a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take 8 weeks off and walk the length of Britain for charity, he returned to the gardening path he loved so much.

For the last 5yrs Ian has managed his own Garden Restoration and Maintenance business working in a wide variety of gardens in locations around the Central to South Norfolk area. He also offers personal Garden Skills Coaching and Garden Consultancy which ranges in content from demonstrations of rose pruning and training, fruit tree pruning and hedge cutting to individually tailored year planners and management programmes.

It is a combination of all these skills, acquired over a 25yr period of hands-on practical gardening, which Ian is now able to bring to Senior Garden Advisors to help with planning, restoration, upkeep and ongoing development of your garden. Master-classes for owners and staff alike in an extensive range of traditional gardening techniques and guidance in management of your private or public enterprise.